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We are naturally looking for love. Not just any kind of love, but the unconditional kind. And, we do not realise with whom or with what are we yearning for – this unconditional love.

To substitute it, we look for it in our parents, in which we later realise we did not receive, though expected it;

Then we look for it in our partners, who reflect our emptiness and unworthiness more times than not;

We extend the search in our children yet to find its validity seem only to last a certain period.

For some, if all else fails, it’d be safe to get a dog.

Yet, if we were to be really honest with ourselves, nothing can quite satisfy the yearning.

All we do is compromise, and we get really good at it too – compromising to be within the borderline of not suffering too much and not entirely ecstatic either.

If only we knew what this yearning is all about…

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