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Neverending Plots

When I started my inward journey with constant efforts and willing inner work which included self-awareness, self-observation and self-inquiry, I soon realized that these qualities became pretty much a natural process unfolding during times of trigger. One by one, closed ones whom I was once and some, still pretty much attached to soon by now, […]

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Self Sabotage

Most times, we want some things, or yearn for certain experiences but run around in circles not getting to them.  We unconsciously prevent ourselves from fully experiencing what could possibly turn out to be one of the best encounters in our lives and revolve later that regret into self-remorse. I remember during my early college […]

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Tug of War

We are constantly toggling between pleasing others, and pleasing ourselves. Very rarely are we authentically doing anything. Of course, when we truly question the inner core intention of action; whether pleasing others or pleasing ourselves; of what’s it in for me – it always comes back to me, me and me. What differentiates the intention […]

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The Train

Thoughts are in fact, each separate on its own. But when we unconsciously hang on to a thought oblivious to another which comes along anyway, we tend to think that the subsequent thoughts and the first thought I hung on to, are all related. Very similar to an analogy of a train – each carriage […]

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An Intimate Relationship

I had the most intimate relationship with my thoughts. Yes, my thoughts. Not my mother, not my father, not my partner, not my friends, not even my daughter or my pets; but with my thoughts. They had such power over me that I would believe everything they say – I am pretty, I am ugly, […]

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