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Mystery & the Mind

Mystery and mind cannot exist together; they are not, by their very nature, co-existential. Just like darkness and light: you cannot have both in your room. If you want darkness you have to extinguish the light; if you want light that you have to lose darkness. You can only have one, for the simple reason that the presence of light is the absence of darkness, the presence of darkness is the absence of light; they are not two things, in fact. The same phenomenon, present, is light; absent, is darkness. Now you cannot manage both, to be present and absent together.

Mind is the presence of the non-mysterious, the logical, and meditation is the presence of the mysterious, the miraculous.

Hence, move from the mind. Let art, poetry, painting, dancing become more important – they will bring you close to meditation – and finally take the plunge. If you have tasted something of poetry you will gather enough courage to take the ultimate plunge.

Time consists of two tenses, not three. The present is not part of time; the past is time, the future is time. The present is the pentration of the beyond into the world of time.

Time conceived of as part and future is the language of the mind – and the mind can only create problems, it knows no solutions. All the problems that humanity is burdened with are the mind’s inventions. Existence is a mystery, not a problem. It has not to be solved, it has to be lived.

People are trying to play the game of life but with many conditions. and those conditions prevent them. Life is a beautiful game if you don’t have conditions to it. If you can simply plunge into it with no ifs, with no buts, then there is no need for enlightment.

What is actually meant by enlightenment? – a relaxed, restful approach to life, a deep synchronicity with existence, an egoless communion with the whole.

– Excerpts from The Goose is Out by Osho –

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