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This poem was published in the Star, N7, 1st January 2010. Here, I would like to share with you because of the essence of its message – the unity & oneness with all.


Some people hate
Some people love

Some people are procrastinators
Some people act now

Some people love to point fingers
Some people love to extend their hands

Some people question every answer
Some people have an answer to every question

Some people hate to lose an argument
Some people love to win hearts

Some people want a change
Some people want to be the change

Some people are blind except to their own colour
Some people are colour blind

Some people are proud to belong to their race
Some people take pride in belonging to the human race
This New Year, it is not about who is perfect and who is not.

It is about sharing One Legacy, One Destiny, 1Malaysia.

Because to build a great nation we must all learn to see the perfections in the imperfections.

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