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Seek not to change the world, but change your mind about the world. ā€“ J

We do not realise the impact of such consequences if we were to change our mind about the world, instead of the world.

For the world is in-exchangable, no matter how hard I try to substitute or trade it for another way out. Even if there are moments when things seem to be better for a while, the world returns to me as before ā€“ exactly how I view it. The world is effect from all that my mind thinks and perceives hence would it not make sense that I ought to change my mind about the world, instead of what is in the world?

I do not realise the power of my thoughts of the world and the world would reflect exactly to make me believe that things are being done to me, have me believe I am indeed powerless and helpless that in order for me to not be at war with the world is to accept the world with a tinge of resignation.

And would not my tinge of helplessness, powerlessness and resignation be reflected yet in the world since this is what I think? Is not what I think that exactly creates the world as I experience it?

Yet this resignation is not the same as those who wilfully change their minds about the world because they cannot do anything about the world. While it is true at one level that it is simply pointless to do anything since we will only be working on what is the effect which is the world yet as I change my mind about the world, which is the cause, am I thus already changing the world as the causes in my mind will exactly reflect in the world as effects which would then allow me to experience the world differently, or rather exactly as how I already view the world.

It is the undoing process of my current perception that is needed for me to change my mind of the world and everything else in it. Through the undoing process can right perception surface from a deeper understanding resulting from realization. And realization comes not from outside in, but from within to the outwards as if the answer have always been within.

The process of undoing is thus important for at this moment, majority of mind pattern is based on fear. Most of us are not aware that our daily thoughts, intentions and behaviour are of that although at the superficial level it seems otherwise. Just take an honest streak in how I perceive the world is reflecting back at me, I will know exactly which pattern is running at that point in time, projecting onto the world to have the world speak back to me.

The world reflecting me, is telling me much about me ā€“ what I secretly think about myself and not yet willing to look within. Until I come back to my senses, ready to face my own inner demons will I come to terms with myself. And once I have come to terms with myself, as in also the causes in the mind, how can the world not be changed when my mind about the world has changed?

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    Find and pick some good things from you and it helps me to solve a problem, thanks.

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