Collecting Evidences

Have you ever experienced before when you approach someone to address a discomfort within you, or to resolve a situation and what you get in return is a whole bucket of evidences and facts thrown at your face of how you were the one who had done and said all things wrong without you even… Continue reading Collecting Evidences

An Open Secret

Do you realise that when we start being honest with ourselves in our inward journey, it is indeed an open secret? Our intentions are all the same, although they may seem to differ in terms of direction certain times, but our motives behind our actions are always the same – always, always a call for… Continue reading An Open Secret

The Master, or the Servant

The other day, a new friend commented that there will come to a point in time where we will have to stop relying on this common teacher we have and learn to control our own minds, to experience what we want to experience – to be the rightful Master of it, instead of the other… Continue reading The Master, or the Servant

Inner Responsibility + Honesty + Authenticity + Expression

As the boy and the girl approached to the entrance to her home, she waited with anticipation. * He asked, “do you want me to give you a kiss?” * Stunt by such a question, she looked down and blurted, “the moment is gone” * She, still waiting for the opportune; he said, “ok, good… Continue reading Inner Responsibility + Honesty + Authenticity + Expression