Simple Loving

Loving is really that simple. Just loving, effortlessly. It is only when beliefs and concepts start creeping in, that it makes the experience of loving a little harder hence propelling people to behave pretty strangely towards each other.  As if to stay away, it is possible to deny what is there; as if to stay… Continue reading Simple Loving

Inquiring into Thoughts

Some may argue that we are being pulled to the past or future by thoughts and that, thoughts are impersonal. It is true. But can they surface in your consciousness if they are not part of your being? And yes, all of us, if not most of us, seem to be carrying the same stuffs. What I meant by saying they… Continue reading Inquiring into Thoughts

Conditional Goals

I had the privilege to be given a stage two weeks ago to stand in for a friend to conduct a sharing on thoughts. They were a bunch of university students. Noticing that the crowd was able to grasp what I was sharing on how reality actually works for each of us; similarly and differentiatedly;… Continue reading Conditional Goals

Mirage of A Question

I cannot tell you what is right what is wrong I can only be your voice asking you in return what is right what is wrong my voice serves as an outer reflection echoing back your own inquiry that is all its purpose not to tell you what is right what is wrong the answer… Continue reading Mirage of A Question

Your Choice, Within

No thought ever belonged to you. A thought is inspired by the Spirit, or propelled by the Ego. Both serves different purposes. You are that Still Silence. Which would you choose?


We live in an insane world; yet the world is not insane – it is because we made it so. To come back to sanity, is to understand and realize insanity; and thus when there is sanity, so is the world in the midst of its insanity. ~ GG ~


The comfort of a woman to a man, is different from a comfort of a man to another man. The comfort of a man to a woman, is different from a comfort of woman to another woman. And I do mean this in the context of a friendship, not a special relationship. True friends, are… Continue reading Friendship

Appreciating the Cha-Ching

Logically, we all know that money and relationships are not related. Yet in today’s world, it is in the statistics that money becomes the cause (or so they think) of misery in relationships. Money, to many, has become a congruent trigger point for disharmony in relationships, and I do mean all kinds of relationships. During… Continue reading Appreciating the Cha-Ching