Simple Loving

Loving is really that simple. Just loving, effortlessly. It is only when beliefs and concepts start creeping in, that it makes the experience of loving a little harder hence propelling people to behave pretty strangely towards each other.  As if to stay away, it is possible to deny what is there; as if to stay…


An image surfaces And floats away Another surfaces And merges inwards Can I choose to remember this By holding on Or perhaps Choose to forget this By letting go I don’t know I chuckle I remember that he said Even when I don’t know I know that I don’t know How wonderful to know I…

Made of

We are made beautiful and wonderful. Yet unconsciousness makes us feel otherwise. But that does not, and cannot take away what we are made of.

Save Yourself

You have to save yourself from so many good-intentioned people, do-gooders, who are constantly advising you to be this, to be that. Listen to them, thank them. They don’t mean any harm — but harm is what happens. You just listen to your own heart. That is your only teacher. ~ Osho ~

Living Memory

We are all living from memory. There is nothing that comes to our senses which is not known or understood from some form of memory. Memories are information or knowledge from the past, whether it is being taught by another or through an individual experience, or even an observation. Whenever any piece of these information…