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Full Frontier

Last night, was a period of darkness for me after a light hearted meal with loved ones. There was much going on in the mind that it did not stop. I allowed it to run, to see how far it’d go. And soon, I was blessed with ancient feelings of betrayal and abandonment; totally imaginary, […]

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Life is just “.”, as in a dot. There is no “,” “/”  “?” “=” “+” “-“ “(   )” “;” “:” or even “&”. Sometimes, it can come as a “!”, as in a surprise, or an experience of awe or being marveled; but really, it is just “.”. This “.” begins and ends, on […]

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Let’s Start from Here

giving up, why should I have come too far to forget beautiful, just got lost somewhere along the way so much was missing when you went away let’s start from here, lose the past change our minds, we don′t need a finish line let’s take this chance, don’t think too deep all those promises we couldn′t seem […]

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In Death

Strangely, I’ve observed that there is this thing about dying and death in my space recently. It is either about a friend passing away, or a friend’s friend, or a friend’s relative, or a friend’s mom. Even in newspaper or one of my preferred blogs, there too was mention of death. When I heard of […]

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Of Zombies, Barbies & Kens

The other day I was inspired to write an entry on Zombies. But today, having sung the song ‘Zombie’ and ‘The Barbie Girl’ at karaoke, I felt that they were of no difference, except that Barbies and Kens were much prettier images to look at, compared to Zombies. Zombies, Barbies & Kens – what are […]

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