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Monthly Archive for April, 2010

Arrogance & Compassion

Apparently, arrogance is defined as overbearing pride evidenced by a superior manner towards inferiors (derived from the freedictonary.com). And when I started asking around what other people thought about the word ‘arrogance’, there was an equal feedback of the positive and negative meaning of it. When I say positive and negative here, I am not […]

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The Train

Thoughts are in fact, each separate on its own. But when we unconsciously hang on to a thought oblivious to another which comes along anyway, we tend to think that the subsequent thoughts and the first thought I hung on to, are all related. Very similar to an analogy of a train – each carriage […]

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An Intimate Relationship

I had the most intimate relationship with my thoughts. Yes, my thoughts. Not my mother, not my father, not my partner, not my friends, not even my daughter or my pets; but with my thoughts. They had such power over me that I would believe everything they say – I am pretty, I am ugly, […]

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Money, Money, Come to Me!!!

I have many conditions in my life; and the easiest condition in my life, is to be unconditional. The easiest condition in my life, is yet the hardest I’ve ever had to deal with and practice – and that is, unconditionality.

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“Aloneness” in Siblinghood

Most of the time, people will ask people with an only child, “when are you having another one” or “are you planning to have another one”. Rarely, people will tell people, “it is fine to just have one” or “the kid is fine on his/her own”; unless they themselves have only one kid, that is, […]

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Problems? Only One.

There is in truth, only one problem; that when recognized, is already solved. There are many forms of problems, we say; but they are really just the same problem. And when we can recognize that problem, it is solved. ‘you must be kidding!’ you tell me; ‘of course I am not!’ I tell you – and […]

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Attachment, Detachment

It is very easy to get ourselves attached to something, or someone. And this is always because we perceive that something, or someone does something wonderful to or for our being when we feel overwhelmed. And so you see, it is really not that something or someone that we are seemingly attached to; but more […]

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Communication with Others

A beloved came over for dinner tonight. After dinner, we headed off for gelatos and in the midst of our indulgence in the gelatos, she abruptly told me that she had an argument with her partner. As I listened to her story, I was careful for the mind not to interpret what I was listening […]

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Multiple Personality Disorder or also known as Dissociative Identity Disorder (defined in Wikipedia) is a psychiatric diagnosis describing a condition in which a person displays multiple distinct identities or personalities (known as alter egos or alters), each with its own pattern of perceiving and interacting with the environment. Apparently, it means that a person has […]

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The Egoic Cycle

This is existence is as such, at least on this plane. We want the success, the joy, the happiness, the excitement hence we had inevitably ‘agreed’ to accept the failure, the pain, the sadness, the fear; in our experience. To understand this is to see through the veils of illusion. To see through this illusion, […]

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