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Monthly Archive for June, 2010

Distinct Routes towards the Same Goal

It doesn’t matter how different we all seem to be in how we look, or what we do, or in the approaches we undertake, as our Source, of where we come from is the same – the Origin. Because of the evolution of the mind, there need be a variety of methods/approaches, all serving towards […]

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Responding to the Inner & Outer World

At any one point in time, whenever we are faced with a situation, there are always two things we need to deal with – one, is our inner world and the other, is the outer world. Though it is very much true that the inner world is what projects the outer world when in denial, […]

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Healing the Abandoned

Abandonment is a good old friend of mine and is an ancient pain residing in most of us. Abandonment is experienced through parents leaving children, man leaving woman or vice versa, friends leaving friends and etc, even in death; which most of us, lifetime after lifetime experience in different roles. Ask any persons whom their […]

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A Darned Good Deal

The other day, I was having a chat with Darling about taking responsibility. Although many masters, articles and teachings have disseminated the secret to us, yet many of us are unwilling to look at it. When I talk to people about taking responsibility, somehow they look back at me innocently and still say, “but it […]

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Arriving without Leaving

If I want to know whether I am good at something, at par with a certain height, achieved a certain level, or how far do I have to go to arrive at a goal, I would have to compare my being somewhere with something, or someone to ascertain it. Even if I choose not to […]

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Pessimism about the World

Our pessimism about the world is the mirror image of our indictment of ourselves. If we have not learned to hold our fear compassionately and look without judgment on the shadowy aspects of ourselves, we cannot look at the world with acceptance or compassion. ~ Paul Ferrini ~

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A Point in Time

I receive this email about being a passerby to some, and some being passersby to me, occasionally. It is always an email to remind me to appreciate those in my life. When I sit down quietly to reflect on the people whom I have been blessed with their presence; in the past of whom I […]

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Tricky Cravings

I am most amazed by this mind. Counting the days and tirelessly listing down the cravings of food during the past 16-day rice & water fast, what I had thought would be a blissful feast on the 16th day at the time of break-fast, turned out to be a no-big-deal experience. As I walked along […]

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Movie Scripts

All our pain is a result of seeing something that isn’t there. We think it’s there because our ideas and beliefs seem to stick to certain people and situations. We think that gives those ideas credibility because now they are housed in a relationship. But it just thickens the plot and brings in a new […]

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I believe that each of us, mostly, own a laptop. Do we agree that whatever programs that we install into the hard disk of the laptop, are the programs that run in the hard disk and thus, the multiple functions usable on the laptop such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access would be the effects […]

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