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Finding Me

It seems that there are two worlds, but truly there is only one. Fear is but the lack of love. Scarcity is but the lack of abundance. Resent is but the lack of gratitude.

Something cannot be lacking unless it was first present in abundance. Without presence, absence has no meaning.

This is like a game of hide and seek. Someone has to hide first. Who will it be? Will it be you or me? Perhaps it will be the Creator himself.

In truth, it matters not. When it is your turn, you will hide, and your brother will find you, as I found him. Everyone gets a turn to hide and everyone eventually is found.

The world of duality emanates from wholeness and to wholeness returns. What is joined separates and comes together again. This is a simply dance. It need not be fearful.

I invite you to enter the dance without taking yourself too seriously. None of you are professional dancers. But every one is capable of learning the steps. When you step on someone else’s toe, a simply “sorry” will do fine. You’re all learning at the same time and mistakes are to be expected.

~ Excepts from the Chapter ‘Gratitude’ from Love Without Conditions by Paul Ferrini ~

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  1. viewpacific says:

    I like this. The analogy of life being a dance totally works for me. It’s fun, light, energizing, and is about the give and take which is sort of like hide and seek.
    Thanks for finding this passage and sharing it.

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