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If You Only Knew

If only you knew what lays beyond all your experiences;
you could rest in solace, assured
and unharmed.

Though you may cry, scream, shout, laugh or struggle only with a little smile,
you would play all themes and know you have never left.

For you have come home to yourself,
you have already been your way home,
all these while…
only you didn’t know,
and seemed to have forgotten the road,
as if someone or something had painted it black somehow…

But Light is never far,
for Love will always call you back,
through one form or another.

That sacredness had never been tainted…
Always had been that pure.
Always had been that innocent.
You’d just know you have always been
so so unwavering untouched.

Only now, to be awakened,
transcending it all
by means of the world, through the world, with the world;
though still in the world.

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