The Gift

The gift is entrusted to us for safe keeping, for nurturing and development and ultimately for expression. But it is not our gift per se. We are the giver of the gift, not the creator of it. The gift comes from Spirit. It merely comes through us. Both giving and receiving require openness and trust… Continue reading The Gift

Illuminations to Road of Nowhere by Paul Ferrini

“What you desire and think about all the time are seeds that you sow. And what you sow, you reap. Where you put your energy is where your life goes. Or, as the Master said, “where your heart is, there will your treasure also be.” ” “The creations of the ego are transitory by nature.… Continue reading Illuminations to Road of Nowhere by Paul Ferrini

Reclaiming Self

There was a day quite some time back which I had experienced a mixture of shame, sadness, anger, hurt, love, appreciation, support and encouragement. I purposefully worded out the negative emotions first because I understand that it is these emotions which are usually more overwhelming than the others in anyone’s world, including mine. But when… Continue reading Reclaiming Self


I always thought that I was humble (meaning, I am NOT a show-off!!) and that I didn’t really care what people think of me from the aspects of material things. However, since I’ve become more aware of my thoughts and attitude behind those thoughts, I noticed that the humbleness that I portrayed was merely a camouflage… Continue reading Show-Off

A little about Wisdom

Wisdom is achieved very slowly. This is because intellectual knowledge, easily acquired, must be transformed into ’emotional’ or subconscious, knowledge. Once transformed, the imprint is permanent. Behavioural practice is the necessary catalyst of this reaction. Without action, the concept will wither and fade. Theoretical knowledge without practical application is not enough. Balance and harmony are… Continue reading A little about Wisdom

The Goose is Out!

Beloved Osho, Yes, Osho, yes. There is no more bottle, no more You, no more I. only this drunken joy that makes my toes curl in ecstacy. But, Osho… what was the joke? ===== Yoga Lalita, the ultimate joke, the only joke… The official, Riko, once asked Nansen to explain to him the old problem… Continue reading The Goose is Out!

Mystery & the Mind

Mystery and mind cannot exist together; they are not, by their very nature, co-existential. Just like darkness and light: you cannot have both in your room. If you want darkness you have to extinguish the light; if you want light that you have to lose darkness. You can only have one, for the simple reason… Continue reading Mystery & the Mind