We live in an insane world; yet the world is not insane – it is because we made it so. To come back to sanity, is to understand and realize insanity; and thus when there is sanity, so is the world in the midst of its insanity. ~ GG ~


What is there to forgive when it is not in front of your face? Why not forgive when it is right in front of your face? ~ GG ~


We are all like strangers walking on the face of the earth brushing shoulders and yet not noticing totally oblivious who and what we are meeting, or not. Even our apparent ‘loved ones’ it’s really quite amazing how we ‘survived’ this far when what we are left with is only just a name, a label;…

Permanently Impermanent

I am, but permanently impermanent vibrating, creating a passing hallucination moulding, dissapating consistently inconsistent try to grasp it would have slipped away attempt another and there it goes again meeting an instance only to break away to come back again and to disappear once more each instance only better only brighter expand expanding expanded contract…