The Evolution of the Mind

If one was to observe the features of new technology coming up into the market, one will notice how it is symbolic to the evolution of the mind. Each item invented or rather manifested into the world arises from the creation of the mind and as the mind evolves, the more creative it gets, hence… Continue reading The Evolution of the Mind

The Best Entertainment

The other day, a loved one made a statement that since I practiced mindfulness, she was guessing that there isn’t much drama in my life. Well, the answer is a yes and a no. Although there seems to be no drama happening which involves others, there are non-stop dramas unfolding in the mind. The thing… Continue reading The Best Entertainment

Either Witnessing, or You are It

We don’t really get what great masters say, because we are unaware that we are already aware. When a teacher says, “step back” and you step back, and you say, “I see it”, you are witnessing it; when you step back, and say, “I am feeling sad”, you are it. You and the mind are… Continue reading Either Witnessing, or You are It

Awareness is not Experience

An experience can be described and explained in terms of thoughts, feelings and they can be a myriad of them as in happiness, sadness, peace, anger, frustration, pain and etc. Experience can be one, and also numerous and they vary between one and another although one may seem similar to another due to the nature… Continue reading Awareness is not Experience