Cleaning the Mess in the Mind

When I sat onto the driver’s seat, I noticed that there were still specks of dust around the interior of the car despite having promised that the car would been thoroughly cleaned for my collection. I wasn’t displeased, but I wasn’t pleased either; but it did keep me wondering, why is it that we could not… Continue reading Cleaning the Mess in the Mind

I Don’t Know You, You Don’t Know Me

Only ideas meet ideas and compromise on the somewhat similar qualities that seems to meet or so they think; and bundle with each other thinking or convincing that it’s the same idea to later result in conflict. ===== I asked a loved one when he was profusely complaining about his student, “Do you know him?” ===== I… Continue reading I Don’t Know You, You Don’t Know Me

Future Experiences = Past Experiences?

Each experience is of its own and is independent by itself. To sum up all future experiences based on a past experience is only another form of self-betrayal. Do our future experiences equate to our past experiences? Actually, our past experiences limit our future experiences. Try to answer this – Does a bad past experience makes you… Continue reading Future Experiences = Past Experiences?