Living Life

For a while now I have realized how the living life in societal context is actually meaningless. A friend once asked me, that if she was not playing mom to her kids, wife to her husband, teacher to her students, who then is she? Coincidently, my teacher also mentioned something about mid-life crisis last night… Continue reading Living Life

Mindfulness – the Observation & Understanding of the Mind

An aunt called yesterday and was asking how I was. The last she spoke to me, I told her that I was in a transition and was feeling depressed. She asked me curiously what I was depressed about. While I tried my level best to explain to her of what I was going through during… Continue reading Mindfulness – the Observation & Understanding of the Mind

Neverending Plots

When I started my inward journey with constant efforts and willing inner work which included self-awareness, self-observation and self-inquiry, I soon realized that these qualities became pretty much a natural process unfolding during times of trigger. One by one, closed ones whom I was once and some, still pretty much attached to soon by now,… Continue reading Neverending Plots

A Shift towards Great Compassion

I read a book recently by Paul Ferrini; illuminations to road of nowhere; and found that it resonated deeply with my core. What I had thought was somewhat a cease to a journey I was seeking was actually a turning point to another journey that I wasn’t really seeking but have been inevitably put on. Just… Continue reading A Shift towards Great Compassion