Movie Scripts

All our pain is a result of seeing something that isn’t there. We think it’s there because our ideas and beliefs seem to stick to certain people and situations. We think that gives those ideas credibility because now they are housed in a relationship. But it just thickens the plot and brings in a new… Continue reading Movie Scripts

The Gift

The gift is entrusted to us for safe keeping, for nurturing and development and ultimately for expression. But it is not our gift per se. We are the giver of the gift, not the creator of it. The gift comes from Spirit. It merely comes through us. Both giving and receiving require openness and trust… Continue reading The Gift

Illuminations to Road of Nowhere by Paul Ferrini

“What you desire and think about all the time are seeds that you sow. And what you sow, you reap. Where you put your energy is where your life goes. Or, as the Master said, “where your heart is, there will your treasure also be.” ” “The creations of the ego are transitory by nature.… Continue reading Illuminations to Road of Nowhere by Paul Ferrini

A Shift towards Great Compassion

I read a book recently by Paul Ferrini; illuminations to road of nowhere; and found that it resonated deeply with my core. What I had thought was somewhat a cease to a journey I was seeking was actually a turning point to another journey that I wasn’t really seeking but have been inevitably put on. Just… Continue reading A Shift towards Great Compassion

Reclaiming Self

There was a day quite some time back which I had experienced a mixture of shame, sadness, anger, hurt, love, appreciation, support and encouragement. I purposefully worded out the negative emotions first because I understand that it is these emotions which are usually more overwhelming than the others in anyone’s world, including mine. But when… Continue reading Reclaiming Self