Keeping the Beloved

There was a saying that to keep a man’s heart is to tie him through his stomach – that is, a woman needs to be a good cook or at least be able to cook his favourite dishes to keep her man. I remember someone telling me that too but I never got around to… Continue reading Keeping the Beloved

The House Lessons

We were alone at home again last night. Usual times, it was fine. I’ve pretty much come to peace with the spaciousness of the home and also the loneliness of it when no one is around. After confirming that no one was going to come home, I set the alarm and put the little one… Continue reading The House Lessons

Dark Night – La De Dum

Dark night, dark night La de dum dum How often you visit La de dum dum dum Here you come and off you go Totally uninvited La de dum dum dum What am I to do with you Except to welcome you once more La de dum dum dum dum dum Am I dark or… Continue reading Dark Night – La De Dum

When It Comes

There is really nothing I can do about it.  When it comes, it just comes.  And all that I can do is to be with it, stay with it.  Because there’s really no way out of it until some light appears. And that really isn’t my call at all, it somehow just has its own… Continue reading When It Comes

Oppressed Expression

Expression not expressed becomes Suppression. Suppression further suppressed becomes Repression. Repression not addressed becomes Depression. Depression with added ajbetness becomes Oppression. Oppression not forgiven becomes Death – as in, the living dead. Are you one of them?

Tell a New Story

Mind needs to tap into the unseen polarities of itself to realize for itself its own inner truth which results freedom and delight as its end. When inquiry is carried out on the validity of its story, the outcome is not really that simple. And if mind can go all the way, it can really… Continue reading Tell a New Story


Pain in separation is really just something misunderstood. The ancient thoughts carried forward up till today of ‘I am in pain’ either because of I am leaving him/her, he/she is leaving me, or we are leaving each other is always targeted at a person out there or myself. As I looked deeper into the abyss… Continue reading Leaving

Your Choice

Someone asked me the other day what I thought of people who stays in their jobs for money and yet resents the job they do. I pondered for a moment and answered him, “it’s their choice.” Some people may agree and some may not, and that too, is their choice. Yet as long as they… Continue reading Your Choice

Obedient Wives Club

A few days ago, I saw a friend’s furious comment about the Obedient Wives Club over Facebook. Today, another friend wrote me an email and expressed curiousness about it. My partner also expressed stupidity over the issue. And it is understandable, because if I had not seen the essence of how the Obedient Wives Club… Continue reading Obedient Wives Club