Only a Child

Be gentle with me I am only a child. When you scream at me Screech at me Or even defend in your righteousness By being stern with me I will only retreat into my cave Or throw my tantrums Never seeing your point of view Only wishing you hear me out Perhaps even wishing I… Continue reading Only a Child

Simple Loving

Loving is really that simple. Just loving, effortlessly. It is only when beliefs and concepts start creeping in, that it makes the experience of loving a little harder hence propelling people to behave pretty strangely towards each other.  As if to stay away, it is possible to deny what is there; as if to stay… Continue reading Simple Loving

Inquiring into Thoughts

Some may argue that we are being pulled to the past or future by thoughts and that, thoughts are impersonal. It is true. But can they surface in your consciousness if they are not part of your being? And yes, all of us, if not most of us, seem to be carrying the same stuffs. What I meant by saying they… Continue reading Inquiring into Thoughts


An image surfaces And floats away Another surfaces And merges inwards Can I choose to remember this By holding on Or perhaps Choose to forget this By letting go I don’t know I chuckle I remember that he said Even when I don’t know I know that I don’t know How wonderful to know I… Continue reading Know

Shameless, for the Fishes

This post is about exposing the body to someone else other than our beloveds. Have you ever felt embarrassment before in revealing parts of your body to someone who is not your beloved? Well, most of us share this idea that we only show or share our bodies with the beloveds and during times when… Continue reading Shameless, for the Fishes

A True Master

A true Master is not one who always believe he is accurate about everything. A true Master is one who sees and acknowledges the error within him, makes peace with it, and the world altogether. ~ GG ~  

Being beyond Meanings

Each moment some meaning arising Making experience possible Whether it is appreciation, love or grace Even anger, disappointment or sentimental. Imagine A world without meaning What would it be like In experience Perhaps deep Serenity, Bliss From the vast contrast of suffering Hence making peace now more valuable Void of dependency on meanings. Yet is… Continue reading Being beyond Meanings