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Monthly Archive for July, 2010

See it as Unreal…

See it as a bubble, See it as a mirage: one who regards the world this way the King of Death doesn’t see. ~ 170, Dhammapada: the Buddha ~

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Addressing an Inner Conflict

This article was written some time ago. Posting this in remembrance of a journey of an inner conflict whether to address self or the someone out there. *** Am I not seeing things clearly? Am I hanging on to an idea which is now conflicting to what is happening around me? Which is more true? […]

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Do I have a Choice?

Do I have a Choice? Yes and No. I like to think that I have choices – choice of colors, choice of the types of TV I’d like to buy, choice of careers, choice of mental states. But the truth is also this – I don’t have a choice. I only have a choice when […]

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Awakening to the Unloved Love

Love – is what we all live for, and it radiates from our most inner core. I can choose to look at a situation or a person as a punishment, or an opportunity to love what I would deem difficult; depending on the experience I want. If I want to retain my old ways of […]

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Lessons of Reflection: Interfering

I chanced upon an article from a dailyom.com subscription sent to me. I am sharing here as reminder to myself and others who are on the journey. 🙂 === Each of us is on our own path and we all learn differently. Because of this it is important to not interfere with another’s path of growth. When we care about […]

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Authenticity, said Paul Ferrini

Don’t be concerned that your path is not like that of others. It takes courage to be yourself and not to live in reaction to the likes and dislikes of others. Be courageous and follow your heart. You need to walk your own unique path in order to honor yourself and fulfill your spiritual purpose. […]

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Hurt feelings, or discomfort of any kind cannot be caused by another person. No one outside me can hurt me. That’s not a possibility. It’s only when I believe a stressful thought that I get hurt. And I’m the one who’s hurting me by believing what I think. This is very good news, because it […]

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For Me, or Not for Me?

Along the way, in the midst of aloneness and loneliness (and they are different, mind you), we attract like-minded friends. Due to common interests, sparks of interesting conversations set off, initiating an inevitable blossoming association, where when unmindful, can lead to a clinging-on relationship which turns a sincere, free connection to one of seeking one […]

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The Death of the Ego

Begin to see how much you try to change others to fit your image of how you think they should be. Be aware of how others try to change you. Feel the push and the pull. That is the world of the ego. Ego is the most insecure thing in the universe. That is why […]

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Coming Home to Me

Time and time again, we are constantly being lured into believing that there is someone out there who loves and approves us, wholly accepting us we are. And because of that addiction, we can never excuse ourselves from being affected by the way others react to us, whether they smile at us, wink at us, […]

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