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shameful, and over!

I grew
And then it took over
And it took over eversince
Because I grew

The more I grew
The more it grew
Taking over, rapidly though quietly
So that no one will know
So that no spotlight can be earned

I grew
And then it took over
And each shout out of frustration
No one understands

Although Love acknowledged
But acknowledgement just simply could not ground
Because the more I grew
It grew together with me

And today I grew a little more
Yet this time a little more than it
Because it has become clear to me
And clearly seeing it now am I

Now I see its wounds from before
The shame unhealed
A shame brought now
Hidden growing further shame
Propelling, breeding its own hurt

Yet strangely after expressing openly
The shame is not that shameful afterall
All it took was a little guts
And now there’s left that little bit more

Ain’t it strange how the system works
So simple yet it takes so much
Imagine the inner battle for a year!
Goodness Gracious Maloney Me!

But it’s heartily ok, my dear old friend
No nothing has ever been lost anyway
I’ve just unknowingly gave you a little long haul
And now I’ll just give you a loving bear hug…

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