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A Prayer for Innocence

Such madness
pervading the innocent
of shame, guilt and fear.

Killing hearts of lambs
overrunning, overflowing;
how odd its power over one
from once such openness
to now, a shut closed door.

How much does it take
planning but all a scheming?
Where then space for Spirit
residing, awaiting for its call.

True that abiding thoughts
true that menacing feelings
pulling along, all that’s by the way
into the sea of confusion.

Oh Good Lord Within,
Your Grace upon all!
Spare the innocent!
Curb the ignorance!
So what was never lost
be reinstated in clarity.

Guide the lies to Truth!
Guide the hurt to Love!
That Serenity once again, bestowed
back into the Heart of Innocence.

~Written in November, 2014~

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