The Immature Mind

The mind is pretty immature in itself, always wanting to lure its head towards anything to fulfil itself, forgetting that what it has right here, right now is perfect. It is always contacting something outside of itself through a thought, when believed to be real and thus as if permission is granted, goes forth scheming,… Continue reading The Immature Mind

The Fan, and the Hand who holds the Fan

The mind is often reminiscing past memories, in the moment; or dreaming of the future, in the moment – seldom, is it aware of what is happening at the present moment while the other parts of it is already performing its functions. It is as if it is separated from itself in the moment, oblivious… Continue reading The Fan, and the Hand who holds the Fan

Rising Up from Disbelieve

Why are you constantly doubting yourself of where you are? Do you not see your own greatness, in the things you did, already do and will eventually do? What is there outside to seek when all that you have ever wished for is within you, capable to be given and received by yourself to yourself?… Continue reading Rising Up from Disbelieve

A Loving Bitch

It is very interesting how the mind works, hanging on not only on anything outside, as in a person out there, or a material out there, but also a state, or a personality experienced when I am asleep to what is lurking at the background. There was this instance, or a period of time, where… Continue reading A Loving Bitch

Either Witnessing, or You are It

We don’t really get what great masters say, because we are unaware that we are already aware. When a teacher says, “step back” and you step back, and you say, “I see it”, you are witnessing it; when you step back, and say, “I am feeling sad”, you are it. You and the mind are… Continue reading Either Witnessing, or You are It