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Revealing Being

Look not at this body
Or the labels it once took on
Or perhaps still taking on
For you would not only miss me
But what you truly are

What you would perceive of me
Would only move you away from me
Thus moving away from you
Eventhough you think it is me that you’re moving away from

A projection of you
Which you are not yet seeing
I do not need to speak much
Nor as a matter of fact
Even do even the slightest
I already know who and what you are
Though you may think otherwise
For it is you who don’t know who you are
Projecting onto me that I do not know you

Yet you put on yet another a facade
Over an already facade that you have yet to unravel
To mask away what is already a mask
Thinking you could make me see you
How and what you would like me to see you as

Oh I can no longer be deceived
Because I am no longer disillusioned
I’ve recognised you the instance I met you
And I move along with you
Because I love you
And I know that is what you need

Generous or an ulterior motive
There you have separated us again
All but a bewildering imagination
Yet without them
Where there the dream to be awaken from

I know how it feels
For I’ve been there too
Astonished and unforgiving
Believing and disbelieving
Yet only through this all
That I’ve come to see what I actually thought I am
Is exactly what I am not as well

Finally seeing all of this
Finally seeing all of it
I am all, and I am not
Now even during moments when mind does not seem to rest
it can no longer take you away from me.

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