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The Wrong World

The world can want anything from you. In fact, the world can ask a million things of you.

Yet, it is within your integrity to give, or not; to say yes or no.

It is not about being right, or wrong; selfish or selfless; loving or unloving.

It is about being honest, with myself, first.

Until we take responsibility for each and every decision we make, each and every action we take, each and every word we say; consciously or unconsciously; war and weariness will continue to exist in our very mind.

We are never tired with life, or of life. We are tired of the inauthenticity within us, we are tired of the way we treat ourselves, we are tired of having to put up a mask every day of our lives in hope to get what we think we want that can make us happy, and worst, having to convince ourselves every moment of our lives –  we are that masks. We creatively give ourselves 1,001 excuses why that mask is entirely necessary in order to be one with the world.

No wonder we are depressed and lack of life. Because we put up with the wrong world. We forgot that the world that truly matters, is the one comes from within us, internally.

Surely, if your plan is working, you ought to be blissfully skipping and singing with joy. And since you are not, why not choose again?

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